BenCorp’s Code of Ethics has guidelines that guide people regarding their attitudes and ideal attitudes, framing the participants to a politically correct conduct and regulating the behaviors of BenCorp employees.

The rules mentioned in the code of ethics may be linked to legal norms (eg discrimination is a crime punishable by law)..

The main objective of BenCorp’s code of ethics is to maintain a uniform behavior line between all members of BenCorp.

BenCorp’s Code of Ethics helps to establish a standard of respectful and transparent relationship for the fulfillment of the obligations taken on by BenCorp with its customers, employees, shareholders, partners and the entire society. It should be a reference also to fulfill the legal duties and the maintenance of business relationships established based on the trust of customers and partners..

BenCorp Values:

The ethical principles of benCorp are formed by the values that guide the company in the exercise of its business activities and, therefore, fundament this Code.

These values are:

  • Respect: We consider respect as an essential assumption for the trust relation between people and companies. This is the fundament that permits us to interact with the differences and learn with this contact.
  • Transparency: Provide clear and comprehensive information on the activities, achievements, policies and performance of the group in a systematic and accessible manner.
  • Ethics: We must always act ethically and fairly in relation to Shareholders, Professionals, Customers, Suppliers, Governments, Local Communities and Society in general.
  • Recognition of people and achievements We must always recognize our professionals and their achievements since individual / team success is what generates the success of benCorp.
  • Innovation:We generate and apply knowledge to create and disseminate new and best practices.
  • Entrepreneurship: We strive to be a company where everyone has the vision of being the owner of their own business, aiming at excellence and recognizing ideas that create business value.