In 2008, Luis Alexandre Chicani, dentist and entrepreneur with a strategic vision, saw an opportunity to enter the health insurance market after realizing the difficulty for companies to carry out the management of their health insurance – the companies’ second largest expense – second only to expenses with the payroll.

This was the beginning of BenCorp, benefits consulting with the main objective of assisting companies in their relationships with insurance carriers and manage the risk of disease in the corporate population.

Using the expertise acquired since 1989, when he created his first company, DentalCorp – which was the fourth largest dental benefits company in Brazil, for 17 years, and was sold to OdontoPrev in 2007 – and the fact of being part of the entrepreneurial group of Endeavor, Luís Alexandre Chicani assembled a team of specialized professionals, who planned efficient solutions to benefit their company and improve the life quality of the employees.

Currently, BenCorp has expansion plans, including the launch of new solutions for health management. Today, the company operates throughout the country and has two business units, located in the capital of São Paulo and a branch in Rio de Janeiro.

BenCorp Team

Luiz Chicani

Luis Alexandre Chicani

CEO da BenCorp

Graduated in dentistry by the University of São Paulo and MBA in Health Insurance Management he has founded four companies – DentalCorp, BenCorp, TourisMed and Club Saúde. He was twice nominee for the title of Endeavor Entrepreneur and was elected Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young (2004 and 2012). His first business, DentalCorp, became the fourth largest dental benefits company in the country in 17 years. The company’s success inspired a case study that Harvard Business School dedicated to him in 2005. Years later, in 2008, Chicani saw the opportunity to undertake again and founded BenCorp.

The BenCorp teem is comprised of dedicated professionals to meet the needs of companies with regard to the management of health and benefits. They are specialized professionals with extensive experience in the Brazilian medical assistance health care, insurance and health market, and that comprise the following areas:

Health Committee – Medical Doctors, Nurses, psychologists, Dentists and Nutritionists;
Medical Committee – Identifies the main pathologies and defines the action plans;

• Risk Management Team;
• Insurance and Benefit Consultant;
• Occupational and Work Safety Medical Team;
• Communication and Marketing Team


BenCorp possesses a board comprised of elected or appointed members who jointly monitor the company’s performance, advising and influencing decision-making. The meetings take place every two months and – unusually – when the CEO request one.

The BenCorp board is composed by:

Luís Delfim de Oliveira,President Scalina Group

Gilberto Meirelles Xandó Baptista, CEO da Vigor

Arnold Eugênio Correia, CEO da ATMO Mídia Digital Corporativa

Rogério Chér, Sócio na Empreender Vida e Carreira

Roberto Faldini, Cofundador e associado do IBGC Instituto Brasileiro De Governança Corporativa

Institutional video

BenCorp is preparing a new institutional video, so you can know more about our products and services. Soon, it will be in the air!


Promote Integrated, Innovative and Strategic Management of the corporate benefits and Occupational Medicine, through risk control and health promotion, resulting in + benefits … – cost!


Use more competitive and innovating technological and human resources at a global level and assume the market leadership.


• Continuous improvement in Health and Life Quality
• Valuing by merit of collaborators and partners.
• Ethics and transparency
• Business sustainability return to society