Occupational BenCorp manages and fully operationalizes the actions necessary for compliance with the Labor Laws and Social Security. With occupational medical care, tests, PCMSO, PPRA and deployment clinics within companies it is possible to reduce the number of sick leaves and expenses with INSS.

BenCorp Clinic

We perform occupational, clinical and complementary exams at our headquarters in São Paulo. We are located at an excellent spot, on Paulista Avenue, opposite the Brigadeiro subway station and we attend with prescheduled appointments for the comfort and agility of your employees.

Accredited network

We are present in all 27 state capitals and in all cities in Brazil with over 200,000 inhabitants.

Additionally, we have accredited clinics in more than 600 cities, with nearly 3,000 service locations throughout Brazil.

Our accredited network includes Medical Doctors, Audiologists, Nurses, Safety Technicians, Safety Engineers at Work and Ergonomists.

Ambulatory Management

We manage ambulatories in companies and condominium companies, allocating professionals with market experience and attention to the integral health of workers.

According to customer needs, we tailor the profile of the professionals and the physical structure of the service areas.

Our document management helps in the company’s compliance with the current legislation needs, guiding and, if necessary, outsourcing the control of deadlines and legal requirements for the operation of the structure.

Regulatory Norms (NRs)

We elaborate, coordinate and execute the Occupational Health Control Program (PCMSO), perform technical inspections and prepare the Environmental Risk Prevention Program (PPRA), we conduct Labor Ergonomic Analyzes (AET) and qualitative and quantitative assessments for the development of Insalubrity and Hazard reports, as well as Working Environment Conditions Technical Reports (LTCAT).

Health Management

For us the occupational exams are the starting points of the health management of workers. Armed with the information gathered in the exams, we issue reports that enable the integrated management of the individual’s health, his/her work environment and his/her psychosocial well-being.


We conduct training in accordance with the current legislation, enabling workers in Fire Fighting, Working in Heights, Working in Confined Spaces, First Aid and others. All trained personnel perform tests to prove the assimilation of the content and, those approved, receive their diploma of completion and training.

Speech Therapy Services

Teams of speech therapy specialized in industrial audiology attend to our workers and issue reports that support the Hearing Conservation Program (PCA), giving consistency to health prevention actions of the company and the medical staff and safety at work.


Occupational BenCorp has already adapted its operations to the broadest information system of the Federal Government, the Social Digital Tax Bookkeeping Program (eSocial), and is available to assist customers in understanding this new system.

There is no change in the laws, but there is a change in the way it is presented and the transmission of the data. The new system unifies in the same environment all tax, social security and labor information sent to the companies to the government.

Thus, the elaboration and compliance with the procedures and operational flows is essential also in the area of Health and Safety at Work.