Risk management

BenCorp Risk through, via a unique IT platform called HealthScoreCard®, created by BenCorp together with Endeavor, MIT’s G-Lab program and EY Fellow program, makes a detailed analysis – a true x-ray – of the company’s health indicators and assesses the risks in order to determine solutions with measurable results. Every month, an accident report is generated and, quarterly, other information is provided:

  • Usage report appropriate for the development of expenditure
  • Identification of risk groups
  • Routine tests control
  • Distribution of costs
  • Usage ranking
  • Evaluation of the groups monitored on leave, retired and admitted

In addition, BenCorp has a Health Committee, represented by BenCorp’s medical team and HR professionals indicated by the company with the task of analyzing the results of the management and the health profile process, to set goals and strategic actions.

BenCorp Risk’s products are:


A strategic map of the company’s health developed by benCorp, together with MIT, Endeavor and Ernst Young, to determine a risk management plan. The Health Score Card functions via a unique IT platform which transforms information and data into health risk indicators.

What are the benefits?

  • Accident reduction and reduction of medical bills
  • Impact on quality of care and service
  • Health indicator panel
  • Focused strategies / health programs

Medical Regulation

Os casos de internações de alto custo ou de maior risco de complicações são localizados e avaliados para acompanhamento, com o objetivo de reduzir as despesas médicas, sem perder a qualidade no atendimento.

What are the benefits?

  • Transparency with the cost of admissions
  • Trading of materials and equipment with better cost and benefit
  • Quality of service
  • Medical team accompanies cases